SAT and ACT Test Prep 


You've got a lot going on.

That makes it especially difficult to prepare for the SAT or ACT test. The College Planning Center offers the perfect solution:

  • Four practice SAT or ACT tests in an online, on-demand, and timed test environment
  • Innovative video-based lessons that focus on what you don't know. Yes, you got that right, no big fat SAT books, no lecture-based classrooms!
  • Structured action plan for choosing when to take the tests, studying vocabulary, as well as encouragement and reminders to stay on track


Class of 2025: Be prepared for the new digital tests. 

The new PSAT and SAT will be all digital in October of 2023 and March of 2024. Let's get ready! 

The new test will include new online tools such as a graphing calculator, answer elimination, and a mark-for-review option. You will want to get familiar with these tools in order to maximize your scores. The adaptive nature of the test and shortened test length will make for a very different experience for students. The new digital SAT Test Prep is now available to help you prepare.

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