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Imagine a community that supports your journey to college admission through a combination of education and guidance with the goal of a purposeful high school experience.

The College Planning Center believes that high school should be a time of exploration and self-reflection and that with intentional planning every student can discover their future in higher education.


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A Method Of Self Discovery

College Planning 

At The College Planning Center, we understand that the goal is not simply acceptance to a college, but setting students up for success in a college that is right for them. To offer students a proven method of discovery, the College Planning Programs combine: 

  • One-on-one Student Guidance Sessions
  • Dynamic and engaging College Planning Curriculum
  • Group workshops, webinars , speaker series, and online community events


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The SAT and ACT are difficult tests, but reaching your maximum score shouldn't be

SAT/ACT Test Prep 


Personalized instruction that focuses just on what you don't know. Available to you 24/7 through on-demand videos and interactive lessons. Our online courses contain everything you need to quickly improve your skills and confidence on test day. The College Planning Center offers this innovative and productive test prep tool to students as a key component of the college planning process.


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Do you want to play your sport in college?

Student Athletes 

There is a common myth that if you are good enough at your sport, that college coaches will find you.

In today’s economic times, college coaches have experienced budget cuts just like the rest of the academic world, and rarely have the luxury of traveling to high schools to recruit students. They just don’t have the time or money to invest in a player who has not shown interest in their school. The College Planning Program will educate student-athletes on coach communications and enable them to get in front of coaches and find the right school and team for you! 

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"The College Planning Center saved us from sleepless nights as they guided both our children through the college application process.  The expertise and the knowledge that this team has regarding this process was critical in supporting our children navigate that process and as well as setting the appropriate expectations with them throughout the process.  It was such a blessing to our family that we discovered them"

- H. Bang


"I cannot express enough how grateful we are that we worked with The College Planning Center.  It has made this experience organized, time efficient, fun, educational and it definitely reduced the stress associated with this process!   

Christine Escamilla


"The College Planning Center was instrumental as we navigated the college application and acceptance process with our daughter. We would have been lost, especially with the UC applications, without help from The College Planning Center. The counselors at The College Planning Center know the ins and outs of the application process and are also able to pinpoint which schools might be a good fit for your specific child’s needs and abilities. I can’t imagine going through the application/acceptance cycle without the guidance of a counselor and we are planning to use The College Planning Center much earlier for our other kids."

- Jen M.

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