Student-Athlete Recruitment Program

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The College Planning Center provides the education and guidance to confidently compete in collegiate athletic recruitment. 

Student-athlete recruitment and college planning go hand-in-hand. Your student-athlete advisor will partner with your college planner from The College Planning Center to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to finding the colleges are not only an athletic fit for you, but an academic, social, and financial fit as well. 


Student-Athlete Program
Includes a Step-by-Step Recruitment Effort: 


College Athletic Recruiting Overview

  • Education regarding the role of Athletics in College Admissions
  • NCAA Rules & Regulations, Academic Requirements
  • NCAA Clearinghouse Registration & Amateur Status
  • Student Athlete Organization Tools

Individualized Athletic Profile

  • Athletic/Academic Resume
  • College Inquiry Letter
  • College Coach Contacts

Target School Recruiting Plan 

  • College List that meets your Holistic Criteria: Athletic Program, Academics, Location, and more.
  • Step-by-Step Calendar of Recruitment Tasks
  • Inquiry Email Templates & Interview Tips

Online Recruiting Plan

  • Online Athletic Profile - if applicable

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