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What makes The College Planning Center so extraordinary? Our Team.

Our college planning team is made up of a collaborative group of college admission professionals with diverse expertise, backgrounds and styles. We work to match your family with the college planner that is right for you.

Lynette Mathews

Founder and CEO 



Meet Lynette

Sara Batchelor 

Director of Client Relations/College Planner  


Meet Sara

Noelle Oliver 

Director of Training & Professional Development / College Planner
Meet Noelle

Christine Reginato 

Director of Group Programs/ College Planner


Meet Christine

Wendy Pierce 

College Planner/ Writing Specialist 



Meet Wendy

Joe Slater 

Student-Athlete Advisor/ College Planner



Meet Joe

Maya Creedman 

College Planner


Meet Maya

Patti Palilla

College Planner


Meet Patti

Sarah Ault 

College Planner  


Meet Sarah

Susan Schorken 

College Planner


Meet Susan

Jen Hambleton  

College Planner


Meet Jen

Jimmy Meuel

College Planner / Student-Athlete Advisor


Meet Jimmy

Rajani Rao 

College Planner


Meet Rajani

Dali Alarian

Student-Athlete Advisor 
Meet Dali

Lisa Poole

Test Prep Coordinator


Meet Lisa

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