Noelle Oliver:

Director of Training and Professional Development / College Planner

As the Director of Training and Professional Development, Noelle is a seasoned college planner who brings out the best in her students. The College Planning Center has gained from Noelle’s writing expertise -- gained from years of teaching English composition at the high school and college level. Over the years, Noelle has worked with hundreds of high school and college students, helping them navigate the undergraduate and transfer student college admissions process, from identifying career goals, crafting their authentic stories, selecting target universities to which to apply, and ultimately deciding which college to attend. 

Beginning her career in education as a high school English teacher, Noelle has over 25 years of experience as an educator, and since 2017, she has worked with college-bound students as a college planner, offering advice on admissions probability and sharing strategies to maximize students' chances for acceptance. While she has guided students who were offered admission to the most selective universities in the country, her greatest successes stem from her work with students who, despite a learning or physical challenge or academic struggles, were offered admission to universities that were considered out of their reach.  

After earning an MA from UC Irvine, Noelle moved to teaching English at the college level, where she draws upon her varied professional experience outside of education, having worked as an event planner and travel coordinator, technical writer for a Department of Defense contractor (which required a Top-Secret security clearance), a marketing representative for a healthcare technology company, and a local journalist for two regional magazines.   

Noelle can be reached at [email protected] or 916-985-0453.