Dali Alarian:

Student-Athlete Advisor


Dali, a life-long athlete, went through the college planning process in 2013 and is now back to help other athletes live their dreams to play their sport in college. Dali was recruited to play soccer and study at many prestigious colleges before accepting an offer from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York. She received her bachelor's and master’s degrees in biomedical engineering within 4.5 years. She now works at Edwards Lifesciences as a biomedical engineer, where she helps develop new medical devices and ensures the highest quality product for patients.


Dali is well versed in how to make it in sports to achieve your dreams and strives to bring that knowledge and enthusiasm to her students at The College Planning Center. Starting in high school, she played semi-professional soccer on Cal Storm and played on the top soccer team in northern California. She was named Most Valuable Player in college as early as her sophomore year and led the team in points. The Egyptian National Soccer Team later recruited Dali to play in the African Cup of Nations. Now she continues to help young athletes reach their greatest potential, whether here at The College Planning Center or on the field where her first client went on to make the Women's National soccer team.


Another passion of Dali's is to help people reach their goals and live joyful and fulfilling lives. She mentors many on these subjects and hosts a growing podcast called "What the Tech Am I Doing," where she hosts experts and leaders in their fields to provide advice and guidance to her audience. She also brings this passion into her Life Coaching and public speaking business.


Dali's goal is to provide students the tools, knowledge, and advice to play in a college that fits their needs and passions and sets them up for a successful future and career!

You can reach Dali at: DAlarian@TheCollegePlanningCenter.com or 415-891-3293