Jimmy Meuel:

College Planner / Student-Athlete Advisor



Jimmy is a highly experienced college advisor with a deep understanding of the college admissions process. Having personally visited over 150 colleges and universities across the country, Jimmy recognizes the importance of exploring diverse college experiences to find the best fit for each student. He believes in a holistic approach, considering academic, athletic, social, emotional, and financial factors when helping students make informed decisions.

With a diverse background in college admissions, including roles as an Academic Advisor, Director of Operations, Recruiting Coordinator, and College Coach at institutions such as the University of California, California State University, and private colleges, Jimmy brings a unique perspective to the application process. His varied professional experiences have provided him with valuable insights into the intricacies of the admissions process.

As a former high school student-athlete who went on to compete in college, Jimmy understands the challenges and commitments faced by student-athletes. He knows how to strike a balance between academic and athletic pursuits when it comes to applying to college. Jimmy’s expertise in both college admissions and athletic recruitment allows him to guide student-athletes effectively.

 In addition to his professional accomplishments, Jimmy is the husband to Annette, a visiting assistant professor, and a proud father of two young sons, Henry, and August. This personal connection to academia and family life further fuels his passion for helping students navigate the college journey.

Jimmy can be reached at [email protected]