sat/act prep

The SAT and ACT are difficult tests!

...but reaching your maximum score shouldn’t be!

Imagine personalized instruction that focuses just on what you don't know. Now consider that it is available to you 24/7 through on-demand videos and interactive lessons. Our online courses combine with small group workshops to contain everything you need to quickly improve your skills and confidence on test day. The College Planning Center offers this innovative and productive test prep tool to students as a key component of the college planning process. 


You've got a lot going on.

That makes it especially difficult to prepare for the SAT or ACT test. The College Planning Center offers the perfect solution:

  • Diagnostic test to determine if the SAT or ACT better suits your strengths
  • Four practice SAT or ACT tests in a simulated test environment
  • Innovative video-based lessons that focus on what you don't know! Yes, you got that right! No big fat SAT books, no lecture-based classrooms!
  • Structured action plan for choosing when to take the tests, studying vocabulary, and learning to write the test essay, as well as encouragement and reminders to stay on track

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