student athletes

Do you want to play your sport in college?

There is a common myth that if you are good enough at your sport, that college coaches will find you. 

In today’s economic times, college coaches have experienced budget cuts just like the rest of the academic world, and rarely have the luxury of traveling to high schools to recruit students. They just don’t have the time or money to invest in a player that has not shown interest in their school. The College Planning Program will enable you to get in front of coaches and find the right school and team for you! 


Student Athlete Program
Includes a Step-by-Step Recruitment Effort:

College Athletic Recruiting Overview

  • Education regarding the role of Athletics in College Admissions
  • NCAA Rules & Regulations, Academic Requirements
  • NCAA Clearinghouse Registration & Amateur Status
  • Student Athlete Organization Tools

Individualized Athletic Profile

  • Athletic/Academic Resume
  • College Inquiry Letter
  • College Coach Contacts

Target School Recruiting Plan

  • College List that meets your Holistic Criteria: Athletic Program, Academics, Location, and more.
  • Step-by-Step Calendar of Recruitment Tasks
  • Inquiry Email Templates & Interview Tips

Online Recruiting Plan

  • Online Athletic Profile - if applicable

General Contact:

[email protected]