Julianne Sturdivant:

College Planner


Julianne earned a College Counseling Certificate at UC San Diego to add best practices in college admissions, outreach, and applications to her professional skill set. She combines her marketing background with college counseling and client services. With twenty years of experience in marketing and communications, Julianne also brings a strong background in writing, education services, project management, publishing, and editing to the team. Along with being a highly effective College Planner, Julianne has earned the title of “Resume Master,” and is sought after by students and parents alike, after delivering her informative and spirited Resume Workshops at The College Planning Center. 

Julianne is incredibly organized, highly detailed, and friendly. She loves information, and keeps The College Planning Center up to date with the latest college admission statistics. She enjoys working with people of varying backgrounds and ages. After earning her B.A. in Information and Communication Studies from the California State University, Chico, she added a Masters of Arts in Writing from the University of San Francisco. 

She’s eager to help the young adults and busy parents in our community navigate an overwhelming and constantly changing landscape, juggle the myriad of decisions about location and opportunities, and cut through the noise to manage application deadlines. She achieves satisfaction from assisting students to identify their perfect college fit and to reach their full potential. 

Julianne can be reached at: JSturdivant@TheCollegePlanningCenter.com or 916-985-0453.