Janet Cutcliffe

College Planner


Janet is excited to join the College Planning Center team, bringing a philosophy of calmness and positivity along with diligence and excellence to her advising practice. 

Janet has been an active supporter of education in Corte Madera for years, serving as a trustee and parent association president at two Marin County schools. During this time, she has learned the importance of empowering students to take on their college plan as their project, with the assistance of parents and others in the community. 

Serving as a volunteer mentor for the non-profit organization, 10,000 Degrees, for the past four years, Janet is a provider of unwavering support, care and understanding to local students as they pursue their college dreams. Janet earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from UCLA and understands the value of learning to tell one’s unique story to represent authentic values. 

Janet earned a Certificate in College Admission & Career Planning from UC Berkeley and is active in her profession as a member of WACAC (Western Association of College Admission Counseling) and HECA (Higher Educational Consultants Association).

As a parent, Janet has personally taken the college admissions journey twice, with her son and her daughter, so understands that the college decision is a family decision and can relate to the combination of excitement and angst that accompanies this critical decision. Janet and her husband Steve enjoy hiking the hills of Marin with their loyal dog Champ, seeing live music and theatre around the Bay Area and annual vacations to the shores of Lake Tahoe with family. 

Janet can be reached at: JCutcliffe@TheCollegePlanningCenter.com or (916) 872-1370